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About Us

About AMA Research

Established in 1989, AMA Research is widely recognised as the leading specialist provider of market research to the UK building and construction industries.

With over 150 market reports available, AMA's research and analysis goes beyond the more commonly available range of statistical and company information to provide expert, informed commentary and in-depth market analysis, making the reports a valuable and relevant resource for understanding the UK's construction and associated markets.

AMA Research's high quality reports are recognised by many leading UK companies as an essential tool in developing their own marketing and strategic policies. Key decision makers across the UK building and construction industries frequently use AMA Research as their primary source of market data.

To find out more about the people who work at AMA Research, please visit our Who We Are page. To download our brochure, please click on the image to the right.

What We Do

Our aim is to provide key, relevant and current information across a range of market sectors to support and inform your strategic business development and marketing decisions. We do this in two ways:

  • Published research reports - we offer a range of over 150 off-the-shelf reports covering individual sectors within the construction/building and home improvement sectors, the majority of which are updated every 2-3 years. To view our report range, visit the reports listing page .
  • Bespoke research and consultancy - we offer a wide range of market research and consultancy services, such as research for product launches, competition reviews, organisational due diligence and acquisition studies, assessments of buying and specification processes, product feasibility studies and attitudinal research. To view further details on commissioned research, please visit the bespoke research page .

Market Report Methodology 

AMA Research has been producing market reports on construction, building and home improvement products for over 25 years and as such has developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

While there are basic Government statistics at an overall construction industry level, there are very few 'officially recognised' statistics at individual market, product or sector level. Some sectors of the construction industry or trade associations produce basic market statistics but, in general, there is very little published data which identifies market size, product mix, sector application mix, supply and distribution structures and shares etc.

AMA's reports address this fundamental lack of data in terms of providing an assessment of markets. Therefore, information in our reports has been collated from a wide range of sources and includes both primary and secondary research data. Secondary data sources include government statistics, company accounts, Internet, trade magazines, etc., whilst a primary research programme of interviews throughout the industry including suppliers, distributors, retailers and others also contributes to the development of our reports.

As a result, market calculations are based on AMA's assessment of these information sources, together with data and research in related markets, which has been collated over the last 25 years. Data in our reports is often sourced as 'AMA Research / Trade Estimates', which reflects the fact that assessments are estimates only and are based on a range of sources and our interpretation of data and key market influences, and we are happy to discuss our findings with the reader.

Finally, forecasts of market developments are provided and these are also based on our interpretation of the wide range of factors influencing the market. Forecasting in the current climate is very difficult, but AMA assesses the key positive and negative factors impacting on the market and then develop 5-year forecasts of trends.


We have over 25 years experience of researching construction, building and home improvement markets. To find out more specific details about AMA Research's experience and resource, please visit our 'Experience and Resources' page.