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Downturn in department store sector & price competition to impact household textiles market

Having experienced overall growth of 13% between 2013 and 2017, the UK household textiles market has been underpinned by returning consumer confidence and sustained demand from contract applications.

Date: 31/10/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Technological developments drive growth in the UK electronic security products market

The total UK electronic security market, comprising of products - electronic access controls, intruder alarms and closed circuit television (CCTV) - and associated services, was estimated at approximately £2.35bn in 2017.

Date: 15/10/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Plumbers’ merchants market in the UK worth over £4.2bn

The plumbers' merchants market was worth an estimated £4.2bn in 2017, representing growth of around 2% from 2016. The overall trend in recent years has been positive, and early indications for 2018 are for a continuation of the modest recovery

Date: 04/10/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Modest growth forecasts for passive fire protection products in the UK

The UK market for passive fire protection products is estimated to be worth around £650m at manufacturers selling prices - excluding installation. The market has grown by around 2% in 2017, with forecasts for 2018 at a similar level.

Date: 25/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

29% growth in the UK generator hire market since 2014

The market for diesel generator hire, which according to AMA’s definition excludes ancillary products, has performed well in recent years, having experienced growth of 29% from 2014.

Date: 24/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Over 20% growth forecast for the UK kitchen & bathroom worktops market over the next five years

There has been good growth in the domestic kitchen and bathroom worktops market in recent years. Between 2014 and 2017, the UK overall worktops market is estimated to have grown by 13%.

Date: 20/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Decline forecast for UK wall cladding market volumes

The UK market for wall cladding is estimated to have increased by around 40% between 2013 and 2017 in volume terms. In 2017/18, growth has been driven by strong growth in new build and major refurbishment output

Date: 17/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

4% value growth in the brassware and taps market despite intense pricing pressures

The brassware and taps market in the UK, which is worth in excess of £200m, is estimated to have grown by 4% in 2017. Following a period of slow growth, the market improved between 2014-2016

Date: 13/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

UK street lighting market to see 17% value growth by 2022

The UK street lighting market has seen steady growth in recent years, driven by substantial LED replacement programmes run by local authorities over the past 5 years or so.

Date: 11/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

UK plant hire market forecast to grow by 11% between 2018 and 2022

The UK plant hire market was estimated to be worth £3bn in 2017, with growth of around 1% forecast for 2018. The plant hire market is extremely diverse, with equipment ranging from dehumidifiers to excavators, and demand for each type of equipment varies

Date: 05/09/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Integrated systems stimulate growth in the UK active fire protection sector

The total market size for active fire protection systems in the UK saw good growth to 2016 at between 7% and 9% per year, in line with higher levels of construction output across key end-use sectors such as education and offices.

Date: 29/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

4% growth in the UK market for street furniture

The total value of the street furniture market that is supplied to or influenced by local authorities and placed in public spaces or highways controlled by local authorities, is estimated to be worth around £328m in 2017

Date: 28/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Hotel, leisure and entertainment construction output grew by 33% in 2017 to reach £9.4bn

Dominated by the private sector, the entertainment and leisure sector has experienced more positive construction output conditions than many other sectors over the past 5 years.

Date: 22/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Build to Rent forecast to become a key growth area in the UK housebuilding market

Including residential conversions, there were around 258,000 new dwellings delivered across the UK in 2016/17, up by 13% on the previous year.

Date: 21/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Housing deficit & skills shortages lead to growth in the panelised modular building systems market

The UK market for panelised modular building systems has performed relatively strongly over the past 3 years or so, and is estimated to have grown by 26% between 2014 and 2017.

Date: 17/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Trading up activities continue to underpin growth in the UK window coverings market

The UK domestic window coverings market has shown overall growth of 15% between 2013 and 2017, but lower growth rates of around 2-3% are currently forecast for 2018.

Date: 16/08/2018 | Author: AMA Research

The Rise of the UK Build-To-Rent Market

The UK’s Private Rented Sector (PRS) is going through a period of rapid change. A recovering UK economy and increasing interest by both UK and overseas large institutional investors are key elements in the recent expansion of the PRS.

Date: 26/07/2018 | Author: AMA Research

Online sales of plumbing products in the UK to increase by 43% by 2022

The internet is the fastest growing channel of the overall UK plumbing and heating products market and has experienced strong growth levels in the last 5-7 years. In 2017 alone, the UK internet plumbing market is estimated to have increased by 17% in value terms.

Date: 04/07/2018 | Author: AMA Research

8% value growth in the UK bathroom and kitchen PODs sector

The UK market for bathroom and kitchen PODs market was estimated to have grown by 4% in 2017, in terms of the volume of POD installations. The market also saw an 8% increase in value

Date: 04/07/2018 | Author: AMA Research

UK market for volumetric modular buildings increased by 6% in 2017

The UK market for prefabricated volumetric modular buildings and portable accommodation is estimated to have increased by 6% in 2017 - a significant improvement on 2016

Date: 27/06/2018 | Author: AMA Research