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Subscriptions & Bundles

AMA Research report bundles offer users the opportunity to subscribe to all published reports in their area of interest for a fraction of the cost of buying each report individually. Subscriptions are offered on an annual basis and the price includes a multi-user license allowing subscribers to circulate report content within their organisation. Report bundle subscriptions also provide greater flexibility to access the information needed, as it allows customers to review sections or sub-sections across a wide range of reports without needing to purchase each individual report. Prices are for a 12 months' subscription, and the following bundles are available:

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Report Name Price
Report Package Subscription £8,950.00 VIEW
Building Products, Distribution & Hire Bundle £4,950.00 VIEW
Construction Sectors, Contractors & FM Bundle £4,950.00 VIEW
Home & Garden Report Bundle £3,950.00 VIEW
Bathrooms & Kitchens Report Bundle £3,950.00 VIEW
Heating & Electrical Report Bundle £3,950.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Services, Contracting & FM £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Plumbing £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Doors, Windows & Glazing £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Garden £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Kitchens £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Offsite Construction £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Electronic & Lighting £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - D├ęcor £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Bathrooms £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Hire £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Building Envelope £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - HVAC £3,000.00 VIEW
Mini Bundle - Furniture £3,000.00 VIEW
Economic & Construction Market Review £695.00 VIEW
Construction and Housing Forecast Bulletin - GB 2019-2023 £550.00 VIEW

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