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Construction and Housing Forecast Bulletin - GB 2017-2021

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Introduction and Overview

The 'Construction and Housing Forecast Bulletin - GB' is published four times a year. The bulletin provides analysis of the overall construction market in current prices, in terms of new work and RMI activity, also public and private sectors and detailed reviews of the two main sectors with sub-sector analysis for quarterly output and new orders, housing starts and completions, as well as forecasts to 2021.

Issue 39, updated in February 2018, is available now. 

Each issue covers:

  • Recent and current trends in the construction industry in Great Britain
  • Changes in output overall and by residential and non-residential sectors.
  • Revised forecasts based on the latest statistics and information available
  • Key influencing factors: GDP growth, inflation, interest rates etc.
  • Impact of government strategy and review.
  • Forecasts to 2021 for new work and RMI in each of the residential and non-residential sectors.

Data sources used in the compilation of this report include government statistics, existing published data, websites, trade magazines, etc, while a range of interviews with construction product suppliers, distributors, etc has also contributed to the development of the report. In addition, our research background in construction and related sectors has been used to provide an understanding of the market and key factors that could influence trends and forecasts for the construction industry.

Issue 39 includes:

This issue of the bulletin includes revised data for 2015 and 2016 as well as preliminary data for Q3 2017 for output and new orders for total GB construction, as well as the residential and non-residential sectors, though this may be subject to revision in the medium term.

Revised data indicates that total construction output increased by 6% in 2016 to reach £151.5bn. Preliminary data for Q3 2017 shows overall construction output increased by 2% on Q2 which in turn was 4% ahead of Q1, with new work increasing by 2% and RMI increasing by 3%. The outlook for the UK construction market remains mildly positive into the medium-term, although with lower rates of overall growth than previously forecast. Overall output growth is forecast to reduce to around 3% in 2017, dipping to 2% in 2018 and then increasing to 3% 2019-2021. This steady but modest forecast takes into account the continuing uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process, affecting the timing of business investment decisions. The residential sector remains positive on the whole, with sales of new houses reported by leading national housebuilders as being "on target". However, there are increasing concerns regarding affordability particularly given the winding down process for some mortgage assistance programmes.

  • Revised figures for the full year 2016 & preliminary for Q3 2017 - construction output (new work and RMI) and new orders.
  • Sector performance since 2012 with detailed analysis of output and new orders.
  • Forecasts to 2021 in the residential and the non-residential sub-sectors, including the potential impact of Brexit on construction activity.
  • Output mix by new work and RMI.
  • 57 pages of analysis and informed reporting with 41 tables and charts.
  • Comment and interpretation on trends and forecasts.

Construction Sectors Covered:

  • Private Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Housing
  • Retail
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Health
  • Agriculture & Misc.

How to Subscribe

A subscription to the Forecast Bulletin costs £395 per annum for four quarterly issues in PDF format, delivered electronically. The subscription price includes a 3-user license allowing subscribers to circulate report content freely within their organisation.

To subscribe, just complete the order form on this page. Alternatively, you can send an email to  with your requirements or call us on 01242 235734.