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Housebuilders Database - UK 2013

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Introduction and overview

The 'Housebuilders Database - UK 2013' provides a database and mailing list of UK housebuilding companies. AMA Research also publishes a market report on the Housebuilding market - see bottom of the page for details.

This database includes:

  • Over 500 company names and head office addresses.
  • Over 500 phone numbers.
  • More than 450 contact names.
  • In excess of 475 email addresses.

The database was compiled during June 2013 by our own researchers with experience of this sector, in order to ensure that the information provided is accurate, comprehensive, relevant and as up to date as possible.

Key benefits

Benefits of purchasing AMA Research's databases include:

  • List purchase, not rental - one off payment and the list is yours - forever.
  • Ease of use - supplied in MS Excel - mail merge quickly and easily.
  • Unlimited usage - we place no limitations on how you use the data we provide.
  • After sales support - as an experienced publisher of quality market research reports in this sector, we are always happy to offer additional advice on how best to make use of the list.relevant and as up to date as possible.
  • For the full terms and conditions applying to database purchase, click here .

Ordering this database

Databases are supplied in MS Excel format and will be sent to you by email. To add this database to the basket, please use the order form on this page.

AMA Research also publishes market reports covering this sector, and a link to the latest edition of these reports can be found at the bottom of this page.

We can also create databases that are specifically designed to meet your exact needs. Data will be collected, assessed and processed by our in-house team and prepared to your own specification. To find out more about bespoke databases and how AMA can meet your data needs, please contact AMA Research on 01242 235724.