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Purchasing a Report

Standard Formats

AMA Research offers a number of different options for report purchases. All AMA Research reports are available in the following formats:

PDF file

The basic delivery format. Users can read the report’s content but options for the extraction of text and figures are very limited. A single hard copy may be printed if purchased with a single user license.

Word (includes a PDF file)

Reports delivered in this format offer all the flexibility of content management available with any Word document. Text and figures can be extracted and copied into other documents within the limits permitted by the terms of the license. A single hard copy may be printed if purchased with a single user license.

PowerPoint (includes a PDF file)

Report summaries are available as PowerPoint presentations. The presentations include all charts and tables plus a number of screens summarising the main points of the report. PowerPoint programmes can be supplied either as a set of individual slides or as a PowerPoint show. PowerPoint programmes cannot be purchased in isolation but must be purchased in conjunction with one of the other electronic formats.


AMA Research Interactive

All report purchasers are given on-line access to the report’s contents via the AMA Research-Interactive on-line content provider. The files provided on-line permit users to extract sections of the report’s content and compile them into their own customised reports. In addition charts can be compiled as PowerPoint slides and tables can be converted into Excel spreadsheets. Reports can be translated into a number of different languages and users can search for content across the whole body of AMA Research reports. There is no charge for the use of these additional on-line tools and functions.


We also offer a number of different licence types. All reports come with a single user licence, but other types are available to purchase. For more details, please visit our licence options page.

Should you wish to speak to anyone at AMA regarding format or licence options, please contact us at the following email address [email protected] or telephone us on 01242 235724.

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