April 27, 2021 - AMA Research

The Key Sectors Affected by the Roofing Market

The main types of roof coverings used in the UK are: Roof tiles – concrete, clay, natural & reconstituted slate, metal. Flat roof membranes – bitumen felts, single ply, liquid, mastic asphalt. Metal roofing – profiles steel & aluminium sheets, insulated panels, standing seam. As well as other slightly niche products such as shingles and … Read more

Building Insulation market estimated to have fallen by 16% due to Covid-19

Almost every sector of the economy has been affected in some respect by the pandemic, the building market for insulation products is no exception. It is estimated to have fallen by around 16% to £1.4bn, this is mainly due to the impact of the imposed Covid-19 restrictions on newbuild and domestic retrofit activity. Mineral fibre, which … Read more

Key Trends within the Household Textiles Market

Replacement Sales Decades ago, bedlinen, blankets and towels may only have been replaced when they were worn out. Today, they are more likely to be replaced to make a design statement, or to add the ‘feel-good’ factor, with additional comfort. Given the widespread availability of these products, which has created greater competition, it has also made … Read more

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