Contract Cleaning Definition

Contract cleaning is defined as being part of the wider business services support industry. Which includes but is not exclusive to the building environment, catering services, office support services. As well as community and information services. Contract cleaning is a mature market covering both single and multi-service contracts, in the commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transport, local authority and central government sectors.

Employment within the sector

Employment within the sector continue to be at very high levels and are expected to remain high over the coming years. It is also well noted that many employed within the industry are classified as part time workers or those on zero-hour contracts. Having the ability to work part time or choose the hours you work can give you the freedom to gain a work life balance. Although on the flip side many jobs within the sector are needed to be performed in what can be defined as unsociable hours, meaning that they may not be the first job of choice for many people.

Market Trends

The market has also seen an underlying trend towards greater levels of outsourcing over the last decade which has driven demand for the contracting out of cleaning services. The drive towards more sustainable cleaning practices has become an increasingly important issue. Clients are demanding more sustainable practices from contract cleaning companies to ensure that they waste less, reuse more and reduce pollution. Daytime cleaning is increasingly popular where a high standard of cleanliness is required in healthcare, offices, shops, leisure facilities and factories. Additionally, the demand for bundled service contracts will continue to be a strong driving force in the market as public and private sectors look to maximise value from contracts.

Micro Businesses

The number of firms operating in the both the domestic and commercial sectors has grown vastly over the last few years. Many of these are characterised as micro-businesses, this is due to the fact that almost 90% that are competing within the industry employ less than 10 people.


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