Sustainability, Recyclability and Modularity Combine to Indicate Medium-Term Growth Prospects for Flooring

Sustainability, Recyclability and Modularity Combine to Indicate Medium-Term Growth Prospects for Flooring

Sustainability and Recyclability both seem to be a key driver across many construction, building and design elements of late. It’s something consumers are requesting, and manufacturers are taking note. The floorcoverings market has increased by 18% between 2014-2019 with interior design trends, sustainability and recycling being at the heart of this improved value. The newly released AMA Research Modular Floorcoverings Market Report considers all aspects from carpet tile, vinyl tile, floor tiles (including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles) and other niche products, when talking about this highly competitive and increasingly price sensitive market.

Sustainability and environmental considerations are increasing in significance both throughout the production process and in the end-to-end lifetime of the products. Consideration is increasingly being given to energy use during manufacture and distribution as well as to; emissions, raw materials, recycled content and the options for environmentally friendly disposal or reuse. Indeed, recyclability is now seen as a pre-requisite and taken as a given in the market.

Jane Tarver, Senior Market Research Analyst Comments

Design trends continue to impact on the type of modular flooring being used. Flooring can used to make an impression, wayfinding and help direct flow of people, define work-space areas and contribute to sound improvement for quiet spaces” comments Jane Tarver, Senior Market Research Analyst at AMA Research. “Improving health and happiness through design is becoming increasingly important in the workplace as well as the home and other areas such as healthcare, leisure, education and public sector facilities. This trend has seen modular floorcoverings products being used to provide a greater degree of comfort as well as to provide different design patterns for different areas”.

Modular flooring is utilised in both the domestic and contract end-use sectors, with the contract sector holding the largest share estimated at around 64% in 2018-19. The trend for integrating different flooring materials within a single installation has also driven uptake of modular products. However, the contract sector can be subject to specification switch, particularly when costs begin to spiral at the fitting out stage of projects. Where this happens, this does negatively impact value. Within the domestic sector, increased focus on LVT and porcelain floor tiles has continued to add value.

The Modular Flooricoverings Market Report Is Available Now

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