Considered to be relatively resilient to economic slowdowns, the UK Pet Accessories Market is estimated to be worth around £1bn at retail selling prices in 2019 according to AMA Research.  The market remains highly fragmented and competitive and covers a wide range of product groups including care products, toys, housing, bedding & feeding products, collars, leads and utility products. There has been a period of static growth, but indications are that the focus people are putting on their pets, and the products available to them is driving growth in both volume and value resulting in an anticipated buoyant market for the next few years.

Toys are the largest sector within pet accessories but there is increasing polarisation between high-end products focusing on pet wellbeing and stimulation and the entry level of the of the market which is heavily impacted by imported products.  Sustainability is also influencing product choice in this area too, building space for non-plastic options.

Pet accessories is not particularly a brand led market, with own brands popular for products such as beds, collars, clothing, cat litter and aquarium pumps & filters.

“A proliferation of specialist high-end niche brands, especially those catering for dogs and their owners, has pulled the value of the whole market in a positive direction as owners become inspired and excited by the new offerings, as well as more discerning in their product choice “said Jane Tarver of AMA Research.  “Counter to this, easy availability of imports and the simple comparative format of online shopping are providing consumers seemingly endless choice and price transparency

The outlook is for a continuation of positive growth into the medium-term as pet’s needs – such as food, healthcare, etc – are viewed as essential and not optional purchases by owners.  This is likely to maintain annual growth rates at around 5-7% with value approaching £1.23bn by 2023.


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