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The Importance of safety and hygiene during Covid-19 and how it’s impacted the Bathroom market

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of additional bathroom and washroom spaces, shifting the ideology that supplementary washrooms are just about convenience and adding value. With safety and hygiene paramount, the importance of handwashing also means that many people will likely demand cloakrooms or wash basins near entrance doors from now on. From a residential perspective, … Read more

20% Decline for the Worktops Market down to Covid-19 induced Lockdown

2020 had seen positive prospects for the kitchen & bathroom worktops market, with growth projected over the next 4-5 years. This was driven by what was a secure and growing housebuilding sector. With the arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic things took a drastic turn and currently holds a very different outlook, for the short term … Read more

Shower-room pods account for 50% of the prefabricated pod market

Shower-room pods as a definition should invariably include a shower enclosure, instead of a bath; together with toilet, washbasin and other accessories. They are generally specified on works where space is at a premium, such as student accommodation. They are also seen to be used where additional safety features are demanded, for example healthcare facilities … Read more

Moderate Growth for the Bathroom Market

The UK bathroom market experienced steady growth in 2017, although at a slower pace than 2016. However, with uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiations in 2018, a more modest performance was experienced, with only marginal growth of 2% that year. Looking forward, it is anticipated that the value of the UK bathroom market will continue to … Read more

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