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Could millennials be the ones behind the growth in home automation?

Could millennials be the ones behind the growth in home automation? As it stands there are approximately 2.2 million smart homes in the UK, a number that is expected to grow as consumer interest in efficiently operated household grows. Ownership of smart home devices tends to be higher amongst those aged 35-49. This is currently … Read more

Internet Plumbing Retailers Reaping the Benefits of Lockdown

Throughout lockdown we have all taken to the internet for many things. Light relief, recipes and a lot of online shopping. Whether people have taken time to improve their baking skills to make the best banana bread or have been putting off house improvements until they had time, lockdown certainly provided some of us with … Read more

Growth within the Pipes & Fittings Market

Michelle Turner, Market Research Analyst at AMA Research, states β€œThe short-term outlook for the UK pipes and fittings market remains weak, with construction output in 2020 likely to be heavily affected by delays caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and will be felt in some ways through until 2024; however as market trends look set … Read more

5 Key Facts – Underfloor Heating Market

Here are our 5 key facts: In 2017, the UK underfloor heating market accounted for around 7% of the total heating systems sector. Imports of UFH remain strong, with some manufacturers sourcing components from abroad, although full assembly of UFH kits may take place within their own facility. The domestic sector is currently a key … Read more

Where can the Growth Come From within the Pumps Market?

The Pump market which grew by an estimated 5% in 2019, is complex and fragmented in terms of end-use applications and distribution channels. As a result, the market is influenced by many issues. It is very closely linked to conditions in key application industries such as water and sewage, power generation and industrial manufacturing. It … Read more

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