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The Water Heating Market – Social Influences and Drivers

Social factors that can influence and drive the UK water heating industry include changes in consumer buying habits and product trends, lifestyle factors and variations in population demographics. Online  The growth of online browsing and research has led to a more informed customer than previously, with many consumers now undertaking a lot of research into … Read more

Upholstered Furniture and Contract Sector Prospects and Influences

The residential sector accounts for the larger share of the upholstered furniture market, with demand for commercial products largely limited to reception areas in offices, hotel foyers and bedrooms, doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms, long-term care homes, and leisure facilities. However, the contract sector does provide significant opportunities for further growth, particularly in the leisure … Read more

Private Housing RMI – Socio-Economic Factors

Socio-economic factors underpinning trends in overall housing RMI include: Increased population and number of households, impacting on demand. Ageing population, seeing greater need for retirement and supported housing. Growing number of single person households increasing overall housing demand. Economic factors such as interest rates, economic environment, inflation, government expenditure/cuts and fuel prices impacting on individuals’ … Read more

Could millennials be the ones behind the growth in home automation?

Could millennials be the ones behind the growth in home automation? As it stands there are approximately 2.2 million smart homes in the UK, a number that is expected to grow as consumer interest in efficiently operated household grows. Ownership of smart home devices tends to be higher amongst those aged 35-49. This is currently … Read more

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