Estimated 7.75 million uninsulated dwellings with solid walls

Estimated 7.75 million uninsulated dwellings with solid walls

The building insulation market is heavily influenced by government schemes, programmes and funding. There is massive potential for retrofitted insulation to Britain’s existing housing stock, with an estimated 7.75 million uninsulated dwellings with solid walls. However, when there is no funding available how can this be achieved? There are currently no forecast increases in Government funding for new schemes to support retrofitted installation, despite the potential to better insulate millions of existing dwellings.

Evidence suggests that homeowners are reluctant to implement insulation-based energy saving measures without a strong financial incentive, especially for solid walled properties, which are generally the most expensive to insulate. It is worth noting that many installers have gone into liquidation in recent years. So how can the building insulation sector encourage these 7.75 million uninsulated dwelling to insulate?

Quote from Michelle Turner, the Editor of AMA Research’s Building Insulation Market Report

“Overcoming a downturn in 2015, the building insulation market has recovered well into 2018, despite the decline in government funding initiatives. Supported by the potential opportunities within millions of dwellings with little or no insulation, prospects for the market remain positive.”

While our report editor notes that the market remains positive, we have a very large section of the sector that is no longer aided by government funding, is particularly difficult to facilitate due to the types of dwellings involved and although they energy saving aspect is there and strong homeowners are still reluctant.

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