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Heat Pumps – The future of home heating?

With a lot of talk around heat pumps recently, it is worth finding out how and why these could be a good move for the UK.

Heat pumps, both ground and air are used to heat buildings and water in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the UK.  In many European countries, heat pumps have been an accepted system and technology for over 30 years.

It is noted that the number of new build homes that will meet the 2025 Future Homes standard is likely to be exceptionally low for central heating, the relatively low output of air-source heat pumps should not cause and issue. However past 2025 will this eco-friendlier heat source meet the UK demand? Or will the cost simply be too much for many households. As it stands and air-source heat pump installation cost upwards of £4000 for a typical home.

The current number of planed heat pump instillations are 50% for conversions, with new builds making up less than 25%. Will this number drastically change over the next few months or years with the new ban on gas boilers in new build homes by 2025? Homes will need to be heated somehow.

Laura Pardoe, Product manager at AMA Research comments “With both types of heat pump (ground and air) they rely on really good insulation first. Ground in particular is better with large systems for distributing heat (e.g. large radiators, underfloor heating) as such, it’s v difficult to retrofit, but great for new build. Extensive groundworks are required for gshp so big garden or v deep piles (i.e. expensive installation). ASHP are the most viable in most settings but only with good insulation, and anything larger than a mid-size house may need to install multiple pumps.”

It seems that there is a lot changing for the way homes will need to be heated, with a move towards these eco friendly options and more government legislation coming in to back this up. It can only be postulated that given the right groundwork, heat pumps are certainly a way forward for the UK construction market.

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