Internet Plumbing Retailers Reaping the Benefits of Lockdown

Internet Plumbing Retailers Reaping the Benefits of Lockdown

Throughout lockdown we have all taken to the internet for many things. Light relief, recipes and a lot of online shopping. Whether people have taken time to improve their baking skills to make the best banana bread or have been putting off house improvements until they had time, lockdown certainly provided some of us with these opportunities. The internet plumbing and heating market is one of these sectors that has not only weathered the storm but saw progress.

It shouldn’t them come to much surprise that those business that are fully or partially online have only grown in recent times. Even before lockdown the UK plumbing and heating market has grown a massive 35% in just the last 3 years. Our economy has seen uncertain times in the last 3-4 years, which has only been exacerbated by Brexit and we have still seen growth for the internet heating and plumbing market.

With the ability to offer lower online prices directly to consumers due to lower staffing cost, no retail premises or small showrooms on offer, it is no wonder then that the general public – who we all know we like a good deal – will flock to the internet.

There may also be another plus for the online retailer. That of which is the ability to offer a wider range of products and brands when not confined to a retail space. This also helps them to offer competitive pricing throughout with the ability to sell a variety of name-brand products as well as own-brand.

Michelle Turner, editor of the Internet Plumbing Market Report comments that “Reaping the benefits of COVID-19 is not something many markets are able to do but the internet plumbing market is one of the few. Thanks to the enforced push towards online purchasing as a result of lockdown procedures and the increased DIY activity seen amongst consumers as a result, internet plumbing will experience good growth in 2020 and further into the forecast period.”

So, it may seem that this is definitely not the end of the internet plumbing and heating market but merely an extra leg up maybe into future growth and a look into the ‘new normal’ for UK consumers and retailers.

Internet Plumbing & Heating Market Report

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