UK Commercial & Industrial Doors and Shutters Market Report 2024-2028

Commercial and Industrial Doors and Shutters Market Report – UK 2024-2028

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The 10th Edition of the UK Commercial & Industrial Doors and Shutters Market Report 2024-2028 provides a detailed review of the two key sectors of this market – Personnel Access Doors and Industrial Doors & Shutters. This report contains UK specific research and a detailed assessment of market size and share, forecasting, market influences and drivers, market segmentation and more. Find the full report overview below.

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The UK commercial & industrial doors and shutters market is primarily influenced by non-residential construction and RMI activity, regulatory and legislative changes, safety and security issues, environmental concerns, also product innovation and technological developments.

The market is highly fragmented and incorporates a broad range of products, ranging from personnel access doors installed in commercial buildings to industrial doors & shutters used for goods and vehicle access, also for the protection of premises.

In 2021, the UK commercial & industrial doors market rebounded after pandemic restrictions were lifted, and continued to grow in 2022, albeit at a steadier pace. Market value has been influenced by the ongoing effects post pandemic but also by the high cost of imports, given the ongoing weakness of Sterling.

Despite these conditions, new work output in the industrial sector saw a significant increase of over 50% in 2022, supported by strong growth in both warehousing and factories. Warehousing has benefited from the changing retail scene in recent years, with increasing dependence on storage, distribution, and logistics to service a high-level online delivery customer base.

Market Summary

  • Market size
  • Market overview
    • Personnel access doors
  • Imports and exports
  • Market mix by product type
  • Market mix by application

Market Summary

  • Market size by value 2019 to 2024, rates of change.
  • Market overview including market mix by product category – personnel access doors, industrial doors & shutters. Market mix by application – new build work, RMI activity.
  • Imports and exports data.

Market Forecasts

With the cost-of-living crisis and weak economic conditions, we anticipate that the UK commercial & industrial doors market is likely to remain subdued in the next 1-2 years, with new work in the health and education end-use sectors showing the most potential for growth. Market demand will also be supported by higher levels of RMI activity, given the maturity of this market and wide installation base of doors & shutters. Also included in the report:

  • Ten-year UK commercial & industrial doors market view 2019 – 2024, plus forecasts to 2028, rates of change.
  • Summary of market prospects and influences.

The commercial and industrial doors industry is heavily influenced by various factors, with a comprehensive PESTLE analysis shedding light on its dynamics. Post-Brexit trade agreements, ongoing supply chain challenges, and shortages of skilled labor stand out as pivotal elements impacting the sector. Moreover, key economic indicators play a significant role in shaping the growth trajectory of the doors and shutters market.

In addition to these economic factors, door design trends, security concerns, and fire safety issues are paramount considerations within the industry. Legislative changes further underscore the need for compliance and adaptation to evolving standards.

Furthermore, technological advancements, such as breakthroughs in thermal break technology, are reshaping the landscape of door manufacturing. There is a noticeable shift towards sustainable production methods and energy-efficient door solutions, reflecting a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

Key Issues Covered in the Report

  • An assessment of the impact that the cost-of-living crisis and weak UK economy have on the commercial & industrial doors industry, including future implications for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Review and market development by product subsector – personnel access doors, industrial doors & shutters.
  • Assessment of key end-use applications – commercial (offices, retail, hospitality), industrial (warehouses, factories), non-housing (hospitals, schools) – with a focus on the specific end-use sectors that offer the greatest potential for growth.
  • Overview of the leading UK commercial & industrial doors manufacturers including company profiles and detailed financial summaries.
  • Supply chain review including market structure (direct and indirect channels), by company size, market map.
  • UK commercial & industrial doors market prospects and influences 2024 to 2028, including factors affecting growth in the short-term and to the end of the forecast period.

Areas of Particular Interest

  • Impact of legislation – increased requirement for automated systems, improved security, fire protection, thermal efficiency.
  • Growth in the level of import penetration, most notable in the aluminum doors and systems subsector.
  • Importance of RMI work – maturity of this market leverages opportunities to upgrade – automatic systems, high speed doors, improved aesthetics and functionality.
  • Increasing focus on sustainable methods of production:
    • Operating efficiencies
    • Recycling of replaced materials
    • Development of new materials.

Product Subsectors

The following products are explored with selected topics specified below:

  1. Personnel access doors – market size (value)
    • Personnel access doors – market summary
    • Personnel access doors – product mix
    • Hinged personnel access doors
    • Aluminium shopfront (commercial entrance) doors
    • Automated pedestrian doors
    • Personnel access doors – end users
    • Personnel access doors – suppliers / key players
    • Personnel access doors – company profiles
  2. Industrial doors & shutters – market size (value)
    • Industrial doors & shutters – market summary
    • Industrial doors & shutters – application mix
    • Industrial doors and shutters – product mix
    • High speed doors
    • Roller shutters, shutter doors & grilles
    • Sectional overhead doors
    • Sliding and folding door & shutter systems
    • Flexible doors
    • Industrial doors and shutters – end users
    • Industrial doors and shutters – suppliers / key players
    • Industrial doors and shutters – company profiles


Distribution is explored based on:

  • Direct Supply
  • Indirect Distributors
  • Fabricators
  • Supply and Fit Companies

Other factors included:

  • Overview of Market Structure
  • Market Structure by Company Size
  • Market map

End-use Sectors

The performance of the UK commercial & industrial doors market is driven by trends within the non-residential construction sector, both new work activity and RMI output. Non-residential construction incorporates a wide number of sectors including health, education, retail, infrastructure, offices, entertainment & leisure, and industrial. Full list of end-use sectors included in the report:

  • Non-residential construction– new work output and RMI activity. New orders split by construction sector, by value.
  • Commercial offices construction
  • Retail construction
  • Entertainment & leisure construction
  • Education construction
  • Health construction
  • Industrial construction
    • Warehousing
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£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT

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