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Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market Report – UK 2023-2027

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The 16th edition of the Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market Report has been published by AMA Research. This report delves into the UK’s bedroom furniture market, detailing its fluctuations, trends and key players as well as providing an overview of market dynamics, including the impact of Brexit, the pandemic, and evolving consumer preferences.

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The bedroom furniture market witnessed a decline in 2018, possibly due to Brexit fears, notably impacting imports. However, a strong recovery ensued in 2019, marking a notable rebound in imports.

In 2020, the pandemic caused a substantial 12% market decline, attributed to lockdowns shutting retail outlets and manufacturers. A turnaround began in 2021 and persisted in 2022, estimated to reach a significant size, constituting approximately 13% of the domestic furniture market.

Storage remains a significant concern for UK households due to limited space in bedrooms, leading to a surge in the popularity of sliding wardrobe door systems.

Increased home working during the pandemic has transformed spare bedrooms into workspaces. This trend appears to be a lasting change, despite concerns raised by companies about its impact on productivity. Contemporary styling, influenced by European trends and flat pack products, particularly from IKEA, continues to shape UK furniture styles, impacting sales growth in both freestanding and fitted furniture segments. Fitted furniture currently accounts for 27% of the market.

Modular furniture’s popularity is increasing, aligning with the trend of smaller houses and households requiring innovative storage solutions. Materials such as solid wood, veneer, and painted finishes remain in demand across different market segments.

The bedroom furniture market has experienced a surge in low-cost imports from the Far East and Eastern Europe, significantly impacting prices and margins. China dominates imports, followed by Malaysia and Poland. However, the reliability of import figures for 2021 and 2022 is uncertain, as large increases are challenging to explain and lack confirmation from other analyses.

Key Issues Covered in the Report

The report investigates how the market responded to external factors like Brexit and the pandemic, highlighting a significant decline followed by recovery. It also focuses on consumer concerns, such as limited bedroom space and the rising popularity of sliding wardrobe systems.

Areas of Particular Interest

The report identifies key areas of interest, including the impact of home working on living spaces, the influence of contemporary styling and flat-pack products, the rise of modular furniture, and the surge in low-cost imports from the Far East and Eastern Europe.

Market Summary

  • Market size by value 2018 to 2023, rates of change.
  • This part delivers a condensed summary of the bedroom furniture market’s performance, key statistics, or notable trends without delving into specific figures or detailed market analysis.

Market Influences & Drivers

  • Brexit and Economic Influence: Investigating how Brexit, the pandemic, and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis have affected consumer spending on bedroom furniture. It explores economic projections and their effects on consumer confidence and spending behaviors.
  • Government Policies and Standards: Assessing shifts in UK government leadership, policies, and industry standards, and how these changes might affect the bedroom furniture market. This includes their potential impact on manufacturing, import/export regulations, and product quality standards.
  • Social Dynamics and Lifestyle Shifts: Analysing changes in consumer purchasing habits, evolving lifestyles, and shifts in population demographics. This involves understanding trends related to bedroom furniture preferences, household sizes, and emerging consumer demands.
  • Technological Advancements: Examining technological trends within the bedroom furniture sector, particularly the integration of smart technologies into bedroom designs, such as smart beds or furniture embedded with advanced technological features.
  • Environmental Considerations: Investigating environmental aspects, such as the increasing interest in sustainable living and eco-friendly products. This includes evaluating the growing demand for sustainable bedroom furniture, aligning with consumers’ environmentally conscious choices and offering utility cost reductions.

End-use Sector

  • Residential New Build Prospects and Impact: This analysis focuses on the prospects and influences within residential new builds, examining housebuilding activities, dwelling types, and ongoing trends. It explores how bedroom furniture demand is affected by new housing developments and changing preferences in dwelling designs.
  • Residential RMI Prospects and Impact: Investigating prospects and influences within residential renovations, particularly the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on home renovation levels. It delves into how the pandemic has influenced renovation trends and the subsequent impact on the demand for bedroom furniture within the residential improvement sector.

Product Subsectors

  • Fitted bedroom furniture – wall mounted furniture installed to form one continuous unit, often composed of several units joined together and incorporating fitted or sliding wardrobes.
  • Freestanding furniture – single pieces of furniture, usually self-supporting, purchased individually or as a coordinated collection.
  • Unit or modular furniture – freestanding furniture, usually pushed together to form a continuous run of units.


  • This part discusses the channels through which bedroom furniture reaches consumers. It covers various retail outlets, online platforms, and distribution methods, highlighting key players and their market shares.

Market Forecasts and Product Innovations

  • Ten-year UK Bedroom Furniture market view 2018 – 2023, plus forecasts to 2027, rates of change. Overview of market prospects.
  • Ten-year market view by product sub-sector to 2027 and rates of change. Summary of market prospects.
  • Product innovations and notable new product designs.

1. Introduction

  1. Context
  2. Sources of Information

2. Summary and Future Prospects

  1. Summary
  2. Market Prospects

3. Market Influences and Drivers

  1. PESTLE analysis
  2. Political influences and drivers
    1. Government policy
    2. Verification schemes
  3. Economic influences and drivers
  4. Social influences and drivers
    1. Consumer characteristics
  5. Technological
  6. Legal
  7. Environmental influences and drivers

4. Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market Overview

  1. Overall furniture market size and trends
    1. Covid-19 impact
    2. Furniture product mix
  2. UK bedroom furniture market size and trends
  3. Market influences
    1. New housebuilding
    2. Demographics and size of houses.
    3. Property transactions
    4. ‘Improve not move’
    5. Home ownership trends
    6. The changing role of the bedroom
    7. Price competition
    8. Household expenditure patterns
  4. International trade in bedroom furniture

5. Product Mix

  1. Product definition
  2. Fitted, modular and freestanding bedroom furniture
  3. Flat pack and rigid bedroom furniture
  4. Product design and trends
  5. Storage solutions
  6. Children’s and teenagers’ bedroom furniture
  7. Sliding wardrobe door systems
  8. Materials and finishes
    1. Foils
    2. Solid wood
    3. Solid wood veneers
    4. Glazed and mirrored doors and panels
    5. Pine furniture

6. Bedroom Furniture Suppliers

  1. The furniture industry
  2. Major suppliers of bedroom furniture
    1. Fitted Bedroom Furniture
    2. Freestanding bedroom furniture
    3. Modular bedroom furniture
    4. Other suppliers

7. Distribution

  1. Structure
  2. Retail specialists
  3. Internet, Mail order and Catalogue retailers
    • Argos Ltd
  4. Furniture multiples
    • IKEA Ltd
  5. Variety chains and Department stores
    1. Variety chains
    2. Department stores
  6. Furniture independents
  7. Home improvement multiples
    • B&Q Ltd
  8. Others

8. Forecasts

  1. The UK economy
  2. Construction industry
  3. Market Prospects

9. Innovation and Sustainability

  1. Innovation
  2. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  3. Sustainability

Tables and Charts

Table 1: UK Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market 2018 To 2027 – By Value (£M Msp)
Table 2: Window Coverings Market Pestle Summary 2023
Table 3: UK Key Economic Variables 2020 To 2025
Table 4: The UK Market For Domestic Furniture 2018 – 2022 – By Value (£M Msp)
Chart 5: UK Market Mix For Domestic Furniture 2002, 2012 And 2022 – % By Value
Table 6: UK Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market 2018-2022 – By Value (£M Msp)
Table 7: New Housing Starts And Completions (Uk) 2017 To 2024 – By Volume (Units)
Table 8: Number Of Residential Property Transactions (£40,000+) In The Uk April – July 2019-2023 (000’s)
Table 9: Age Structure Of Uk Households And Weekly Expenditure On Furniture And Furnishings – 2022
Table 10: Imports And Exports Of Wooden Bedroom Furniture 2019 – 2023 By Value (£M)
Table 11: Countries Of Origin For Imports Of Wooden Bedroom Furniture 2017 And 2022 – Value (£M) And Share (%)
Chart 12: Mix Of Fitted, Modular And Freestanding Bedroom Furniture 2022- % By Value
Table 13: Fitted And Freestanding Kitchen, Bedroom And Bathroom Furniture Market 2022 – % By Value
Chart 14: The UK Bedroom Furniture Market Product Mix Of Rigid Versus Flat Pack 2000, 2012 And 2022 – % By Value
Chart 15: Mix Of Nursery, Children’s And Teenage Versus Adult Bedroom Furniture 2022 – % By Value
Table 16: Number Of Vat And/Or Paye Based Manufacturers Of Furniture By Turnover Band – 2022
Table 17: Market Share Of Major Bedroom Furniture Suppliers 2022 – % By Value
Table 18: Distribution Of Bedroom Furniture 2022-23 – Value Share (%)
Table 19: UK Key Economic Variables 2020 To 2025
Table 20: GB New Housing Construction Output 2019 – 2025 By Value (£Bn At 2019 Prices)
Table 21: GB New Housing Construction Output 2019 – 2025 By Value (£Bn At Current Prices)
Table 22: UK Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market 2022-2027 – By Value (£M Msp)

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This item: Domestic Bedroom Furniture Market Report - UK 2023-2027
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT

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