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Elevating Research Excellence: The Strategic Advantage of AMA’s Partnership with the Market Research Society

AMA Research acts as a strategic partner to the construction industry. With years of experience, and a highly skilled research team we’re all about giving you the insights that lead to real success. Our focus? Delivering top-notch reports and consultancy with a commitment to integrity and forward-thinking.

Proudly partnered with the Market Research Society (MRS). We stand with their ethical practices and standards that distinguish our work, while still pushing the boundaries and staying on top of trends to continually improve the quality of our research.

Dive into this blog to see how our MRS membership takes our services to the next level, offering you unmatched quality and reliability in market insights.

Quality Assurance and Credibility

As a company partner of Market Research Society AMA Research adheres to a stringent code of conduct ensuring the highest standards of research practice, aligning with the MRS signals our commitment to ethical research, and enhances the credibility of our research methods and, data analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

The construction industry operates within a framework of regulation and standards, MRS membership ensues that AMA Research are well versed in data protection privacy, and other compliance matters, reducing legal risks associated with research activities.

Cutting Edge Methodologies

MRS exposes our research team to the latest research methodologies to equip us with the most up-to-date tools and techniques enhancing the quality and relevance of our research insights.

Transparent Communication

MRS encourages transparent and clear communication between agency and clients. Buyers can expect open discussions regarding research methodologies, data collection and findings, fostering a trustworthy and collaborative relationship.

Networking Opportunities

Company partner membership offers the AMA research team to Connect with like-minded professionals, researchers, and industry experts.  Networking within the society opens doors to a broader spectrum of perspectives and potential business alliances within the construction research ecosystem.

Professional Development of Research Teams

MRs offers training programs and resources that leverages our team skill development, buyers can be confident that the AMA team are well trained and equipped to handle complex research projects contributing to the overall value of the reports delivered.

In conclusion, our partnership with the Market Research Society (MRS) elevates AMA Research’s capabilities, ensuring we deliver cutting-edge, ethically grounded, and highly credible market insights. This collaboration enhances our service offerings, providing our clients with unparalleled research quality and insights into the construction industry.

Thank you for choosing AMA Research as your trusted partner in navigating market complexities.

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