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UK M&E Contracting Market Poised for Significant Growth, Reaching £27bn by 2028

AMA Research is excited to announce the release of the M&E Contractors Market Report UK 2024-2028. The comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis of the sector’s current landscape, future growth prospects, delivering valuable insights for those engaged in the M&E contracting and construction markets.

Market Prospects

The future outlook for the M&E contracting market is promising, with an estimated growth rate of 4% in 2023, expected to continue into 2024. The drive towards Net Zero remains a significant growth driver, impacting every sector of construction and positioning M&E contractors centrally in the transition to clean energy solutions and enhanced energy efficiency.

The market is projected to reach a value of over £27 billion by 2028, assuming stabilised economic conditions and continued demand for M&E services. Key factors influencing this growth include the ongoing development of data centres, increased demand for energy-efficient solutions, and the modernisation of infrastructure across public and private sectors.

Strategic Insights for Industry Leaders

The report provides crucial insights across the construction industry:

  • M&E Contractors: Understand the evolving market dynamics and identify growth opportunities in high-demand sectors.
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers: Align product offerings with the increasing demand for innovative M&E solutions.
  • Construction Companies: Explore potential partnerships and collaborations to leverage the expertise of M&E contractors.
  • Investors: Assess the market’s growth trajectory and investment opportunities.
  • Consulting Agencies and Trade Bodies: Utilise data-driven insights to support strategic decision-making and promote the industry.

The report is an indispensable resource for those navigating the evolving M&E Contracting market, to capitalise on emerging opportunities, and drive sustainable growth.

Report Highlights

  • Market Prospects: An in-depth analysis of the future growth prospects of the market, highlighting the factors driving demand and potential challenges.
  • Detailed analysis of the M&E contracting market, including market size, growth rates, and key segments.
  • Insights into the competitive landscape, including profiles of leading M&E contractors.
  • Analysis of key end-use sectors, such as commercial offices, infrastructure, data centres, entertainment and leisure, education, health, and retail.
  • Regional analysis, highlighting market trends and opportunities across the UK.

Editor’s Quote

“The 6th edition of the M&E Contractors market report provides depth analysis and valuable insights into the shifting competitor landscape, current market dynamics, and explores the challenges and opportunities across the UK regions and within key end use sectors, providing a roadmap for informed decision making and future success.”

– Anne Williams, AMA Research Manager 


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