Underfloor Heating Market Efficiency: Surging Residential Sector

Underfloor Heating Market Efficiency – UK Residences Making the Change

Driven by a surge in value growth and a shift towards low-carbon heating, the underfloor heating market in the UK is poised for continued expansion.

This growth is particularly evident in the residential sector, where underfloor heating is gaining traction as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods.

Market Demand in the Sector

In 2021, the underfloor heating market bounced back with an estimated 16% value growth, making it one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK heating industry.

Due to an increasing focus on low-carbon heating technologies, this market will continue to offer significant growth potential.

Residential Underfloor Heating Market

Particularly in the residential sector, the demand for underfloor heating has been growing steadily in the UK. Residential new housing, covering both new build and retrofit installations accounted for around 67% of the underfloor heating market value in 2021.

Underfloor heating is increasingly viewed as an alternative to more traditional methods of central heating by many households in the UK. As it offers more comfort, cleaner air and is cheaper to run – a vital advantage to many during the current cost of living crisis.

Non-Residential Underfloor Heating Market

The remaining 33% of market value in 2021 is made up from the non-residential sector.

Such applications include hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools and colleges, commercial offices, retail premises and entertainment & leisure venues, also industrial warehouses, and distribution centres.

Distribution and Supply

Distribution within this market continues to be dominated by direct supply, although online sales are growing at a rapid pace.

Underfloor Heating Market Efficiency and Sustainability

“The continuous evolution of the UK underfloor heating market is significantly shaped by the escalating regulatory measures and the imperative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The upcoming 2025 Future Homes Standard mandates the incorporation of low carbon heating methods in new build homes, aligning with the overarching goal of enhancing underfloor heating market efficiency.

Amidst the backdrop of soaring electricity and gas costs, intensified by geopolitical tensions like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, energy efficiency emerges as a paramount concern.

The demand for heating solutions that are both eco-friendly and economically viable is on the rise.

Editor of the Underfloor Heating Market Report 2022-2026 and Head of Content at AMA Research, Abdul Tantouch comments:

“Embracing renewable technologies alongside underfloor heating is anticipated to enhance underfloor heating market efficiency by up to 40%, surpassing the energy efficiency levels of traditional central heating solutions.”


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