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Bricks, Blocks and Precast Concrete Products Market Report – UK 2023-2027

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The 8th edition of the Bricks, Blocks and Precast Concrete Products Market Report provides an analysis of the UK market for bricks, precast concrete blocks, precast concrete products, as well as natural and cast stone building products. This report highlights the market’s susceptibility to fluctuations in the UK construction industry, with a specific emphasis on the impact of the new housebuilding market on the demand for bricks.

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The “Bricks Blocks and Precast Concrete Market Report UK 2023-2027” provides a comprehensive overview of the UK market, capturing its current landscape and forecasting trends up to 2027. The report explores the market composition, detailing the prominence of different product categories such as precast concrete structural products, precast concrete blocks, bricks, and natural stone, and their respective shares in the market.

A significant part of the report is dedicated to understanding the market dynamics. This includes an analysis of the post-pandemic recovery phase, the impact of modern construction methods like MMC, and the influence of changing building regulations. The study delves into the growth trajectories and challenges faced by different product sectors, offering a nuanced perspective on market development.

In examining the influences and drivers of the market, the report encapsulates a range of factors including political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental aspects. It highlights how these elements shape current trends and prospects of the market. The role of end-use sectors is analyzed in depth, underscoring the demand for these construction products in both residential and non-residential construction sectors.

The report also provides forecasts contemplating the current trends and their potential impact on the market. There is a special emphasis on sustainability and innovation, with the report examining recent product developments aimed at reducing environmental impact and the industry’s adaptive measures in response to regulatory changes emphasizing sustainability.

Overall, the “Bricks Blocks and Precast Concrete Market Report UK 2023-2027” serves as a crucial resource for stakeholders in the construction industry, offering insights into the market’s current state, its evolving dynamics, and future directions. It is a guide for understanding the intricacies of the UK bricks, blocks, and precast concrete market.

Key Issues Covered in the Report

  • Market size trends
  • Supply chain dynamics and disruptions
  • Regulatory changes and sustainability focus
  • Market responses to housing stock shortages and construction demands
  • Analysis of leading market suppliers and distribution channels

Areas of Particular Interest

  • Evolution of market post-pandemic
  • Influence of modern construction methods (MMC) and offsite production
  • Impact of new building regulations on product demand
  • Trends in housing stock and implications for the market

Market Summary

Precast concrete structural products represent the largest market sector by value, accounting for 34% in 2022. The remaining market is made up of precast concrete blocks (31%), bricks (30%), and natural stone (4%).

Market Influences & Drivers

The market is influenced by a range of factors including political instability, economic climate, social trends, technological advancements, legal regulations, and environmental concerns. Economic factors like the state of the economy, trading patterns, and housing market dynamics significantly impact the market.

End-use Sectors

Demand for bricks, blocks, and precast concrete products is driven by the overall state of the UK construction market, with housebuilding being a crucial factor. These products are used in both residential and non-residential sectors. Modern methods of construction and offsite production are increasingly influencing demand.

Product Subsectors

The market includes precast concrete structural products (34%), precast concrete blocks (31%), bricks (30%), and natural stone (4%). Each category has seen varying degrees of growth and decline influenced by factors like construction demand, regulatory changes, and sustainability trends.

Market Forecasts and Product Innovations

The market is expected to continue growing, albeit at a lower rate, influenced by technological innovations, sustainability trends, and the adoption of modern construction methods. Product developments focus on low-carbon manufacturing processes and sustainable materials.

1. Introduction

  1. Context
  2. Sources of Information

2. Market Summary

  1. Market size
  2. Market overview
    • Bricks
  3. Market mix by product type

3. Market Influences and Drivers
4. End-use Sectors

  1. Summary of sectors driving demand
  2. Residential RMI prospects and influences

5. Innovation

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£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT

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