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Residential Doors Market Report – UK 2023-2027

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The 7th Edition of the Residential Doors Market Report is an insightful analysis covering key residential door products, recent market shifts, and future projections. This report offers a detailed evaluation of supplier landscapes, distribution patterns, and market dynamics. Aimed at industry players and potential entrants, it provides a comprehensive overview and valuable industry insights.

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The immediate future for the UK’s Residential Doors Market appears challenging, influenced by various factors. Short-term challenges include uncertain mortgage rates, declining consumer confidence, and competition from energy efficiency projects, contributing to a potential period of industry consolidation and transition.

In the medium term, improvements are anticipated, supported by government initiatives like increased construction worker visas and infrastructure development. Forecasts suggest the easing of inflation rates and the return of consumer confidence, potentially contributing to a positive market trend.

However, the short-term outlook predicts a decline across the housing construction industry, affecting private housing reconstruction by 9% in 2023 before a slight 2% recovery in 2024. New private sector builds are expected to decline by 17% in 2023 but show a subsequent 4% recovery in 2024. The public sector’s recovery is projected to be slower, not reaching the same degree of growth in 2024 and 2025 as previous years.

Economic challenges such as rising energy costs, post-Brexit implications, material expenses, inflation, and labor shortages continue to impact the industry. The government’s recent announcement of issuing visas for overseas construction workers aims to alleviate some labor scarcity issues.

Advancements in technology, including energy-efficient solutions, security systems, and real-time ordering, are influencing market trends. Changes in consumer behaviour driven by online sales, evolving work practices, and increased social media use post-lockdowns are shaping market demands.

Environmental concerns are prompting the adoption of sustainable practices and the utilization of eco-friendly materials within the industry. Regulatory standards are encouraging compliance with energy efficiency and environmental norms.

The industry faces immediate challenges amid political and economic uncertainties but demonstrates potential for improvement, primarily driven by technological innovations, sustainability initiatives, and adaptation to evolving consumer preferences. Collaboration with trade associations and government-backed initiatives plays a significant role in shaping the industry’s future trajectory.

Key Issues Covered in the Report

  • Market Summary: Presents a concise overview of the residential door market, summarizing its key characteristics.
  • Market Influences & Drivers: Analyzes the various factors, including economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental, influencing the residential door market.
  • End-use Sectors: Explores the diverse sectors or industries utilizing residential doors and examines their specific requirements and trends.
  • Product Subsectors: Breaks down the residential door market into specific subcategories or types of doors.
  • Distribution: Discusses the channels and methods through which residential doors are distributed in the market.
  • Market Forecasts: Provides projections and estimations regarding the future trends and potential developments in the residential door market.

Areas of Particular Interest

  • The report highlights key areas of interest within the residential door market. Political influences, including government policies and priorities which significantly shape market dynamics, impacting inflation, economic growth, and financial stability. Economic factors, such as post-Covid fluctuations in home improvement activities and rising energy costs, affect consumer behaviors and affordability. These elements collectively steer the residential door market, reflecting a delicate balance between political decisions, economic trends, and consumer sentiments.

Market Summary

  • The 7th edition report focuses on the residential doors market from 2023 with projections to 2027. It examines market size changes, supplier dynamics, and product categories, including entrance doors (back and front doors), internal doors, and patio doors (French, sliding, and bi-fold). The report excludes garage doors, louvre and wardrobe doors, commercial doors/shop fronts, etc. It focuses primarily on new build and RMI sectors, covering various applications in private and public sectors, refurbishments, extensions, and home improvements.

Market Influences & Drivers

  • Key influences in the residential doors industry are outlined, integrating a detailed PESTLE analysis. It examines post-Brexit trade agreements, ongoing supply chain issues, economic indicators impacting market growth, interior design trends, technological developments, and the rise of sustainable production methods and recycled materials in door manufacturing.

End-use Sectors

  • The report presents a summary of sectors driving demand for residential doors, highlighting prospects and influences on residential new build, RMI, housebuilding forecasts, renovations, house moving market, demand for conservatories, modular garden rooms, and other residential door applications.

Product Subsectors

  • It provides a comprehensive analysis of different door types, including entrance doors, internal doors, and patio doors, detailing market size, material applications, and end-use sectors. Additionally, it covers key suppliers, company profiles, and financials in these subsectors.


  • An overview of distribution channels for residential doors, focusing on RMI and contract markets, key channels, developments, and financial insights into tile distributors, retail tile multiples, home improvement multiples, merchants, specialists, online retailers, and direct supply channels.

Market Forecasts

  • The report offers a ten-year view of the residential doors market from 2023 to 2027, projecting rates of change and summarizing market prospects and influences during this period.

1. Introduction 

  1. Context
  2. Definition
  3. Sources of Information /Methodology
  4. Abbreviations/Glossary

2. Market Summary

  1. Market Overview
  2. Market size
    1. Market Value
    2. Market Volume
  3. International Trade
  4. Marketing
    1. Product Differentiation

3. Market Influences and Drivers

  1. Main market influences and drivers
  2. Political influences and drivers
  3. Economic influences and drivers
  4. Social influences and drivers
  5. Technological influences and drivers
  6. Legal influences and drivers
    1. Standards and Directives
  7. Environmental influences and drivers

4. End-use Sectors

  1. Mix by Application
    1. The Housing construction market
  2. Refurbishment, maintenance and Improvement (44% of Housing Construction activity)
    1. Ownership of housing stock
    2. House Moving
    3. Private Housing RMI
    4.  Public Housing RMI
  3. New Build Households
    1. Housing Starts and Completions
    2. Mix of Housebuilding Types
    3. Private Housing New Build
    4. Public Housing New Build (Local Authorities and Housing Associations)
  4. Residential Doors share of end use sectors.
  5. Calculation of Door volumes

5. Market Subsector Analysis

  1. Mix by Material
    1. Timber
    2. uPVC
  2. Product Mix
  3. Interior Doors
    1. Market Size
    2. Mix by End-Use Sector
    3. Material Mix
    4. Market Prospects
  4. Entrance Doors
    1. Market Size
    2. Mix by End Use Sector
    3. Materials Mix
    4. Market Prospects
  5. Patio Doors
    1. Market Size
    2. Mix by End-Use Sector
    3. Mix by Material
    4. Market Prospects

6. Supply

  1. Overview
  2. Large and Regional Retail Door Companies
  3. Timber Doors
    1. Corporate Activity
    2. Leading Manufacturers of Timber Doors
  4. Composite Doors
    1. Corporate Activity
    2. Leading Manufacturers of composite doors
  5. PVCu Doors
    1. Corporate Activity
    2. Leading Manufacturers of PVC doors
    3. Leading system (extruding) suppliers to the PVCu door sector include:
  6. Aluminium
    1. Leading Suppliers of Aluminium Doors
    2. Aluminium Extruders
  7. Steel Doors
    1. Leading manufacturers are:

7. Distribution

  1. Overview of Distribution Structure
  2. Key Distribution Channels
    1. Specialist Door Distributors
    2. Builders/Timber Merchants
    3. DIY Multiples
    4. Catalogue Stores/Trade Counters, Internet, etc.
    5. Internet

8. Market Forecasts

  1. Overview
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£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT
£1,599.00 Exc. VAT

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