UK Warehouse & Storage Construction Market Report - 2023-2027
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Warehouse and Storage Construction Market Report – UK 2023-2027

The UK Warehouse and Storage Construction Market Report 2023-2027 is the latest comprehensive analysis brought to you by AMA Research. This report, enriched with original insights and primary research, delves into the intricate dynamics of the UK’s warehouse construction sector. It offers a detailed examination of the current state of the industry, emerging trends, future prospects, and an in-depth analysis of the supply chain, from suppliers to distribution channels. With a focus on the key drivers of growth, technological advancements, and the evolving demands of the e-commerce boom, this report is an indispensable resource for stakeholders across the construction, logistics, and retail sectors seeking to navigate the complexities and opportunities of warehouse construction in the UK.

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The following topics are covered in full in the UK Warehouse and Storage Construction Market Report.

Market Summary

This section of the report provides a detailed definition and overview of the UK warehouse construction market, including market size by value, with a historical review of the sector’s performance from 2019 to 2023 and forecast to 2027. It highlights recent developments, current trends, and the driving forces behind demand and value growth within the industry.

Construction Activity Analysis

An examination of warehouse construction activities across the UK, focusing on the volume and value of projects initiated and completed within the specified period. This section provides insights into the geographic distribution of projects and the types of warehouses being constructed, from traditional storage facilities to modern, automated distribution centers.

SWOT Analysis

A strategic evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the warehouse construction sector. This analysis identifies factors that could impact market growth and operational efficiency, offering stakeholders a balanced perspective on the market’s potential and challenges.

PESTL Analysis

Provides a macro-environmental view, helping stakeholders understand the broader context in which the warehouse construction sector operates and evolves.

Procurement and Contracting 

Project Procurement analysis Overview and by type:

  • Developer/user to build trends towards design and build contracts in warehouse construction.
  • Traditional Contracting – as a procurement route to warehouse construction projects, by area size, project volume and average project value.
  • Design & Build – as a procurement route to new projects by area size, project volume, region and average project value.
  • Negotiated Contracts – as a procurement route to new projects by as a procurement route to new projects by area size, project volume, region and average project value.
  • Rise in Developer-to-Build Projects

There’s a noticeable increase in developer-to-build projects, where developers take on the construction risk, often leading to faster project completion times and potentially lower costs due to the developer’s ability to leverage economies of scale and pre-existing relationships with contractors.

Innovative Procurement Strategies shift towards more innovative procurement strategies, including joint ventures and partnerships, particularly for large-scale or complex projects. These approaches can offer mutual benefits in risk-sharing, resource pooling, and expertise sharing.Impact of the Procurement Act The upcoming changes under the Procurement Act are anticipated to significantly influence procurement and contracting in warehouse construction. The Act aims to simplify and modernize the procurement process, potentially opening up opportunities for smaller contractors and promoting innovation and sustainability in project delivery.


The Unprecedented Surge in e-Commerce

Which has significantly increased the demand for both large-scale distribution hubs and smaller, urban fulfillment centers to cater to the immediacy of consumer expectations.

Advancements in Technology

Where automation and digital management systems are becoming standard features in new warehouses, aiming to streamline operations and reduce costs.

The Push Towards Sustainability

Sustainability and green building practices is also a critical driver, as environmental regulations tighten, and corporate social responsibility becomes more prominent in strategic planning.

The Aftermath of Brexit

This has introduced new challenges and opportunities, from altering supply chain logistics to changing trade routes, which in turn affect warehouse location strategies and construction priorities.

Diverse Regional Opportunities: The report highlights the diversity of opportunities across the UK, with each region presenting unique advantages for warehouse construction, influenced by local demand, infrastructure, and economic strategies.

Increased Construction in the Midlands: The Midlands region, often referred to as the logistics heartland of the UK, has seen a significant uptick in warehouse construction activities, driven by its central location and excellent transport links.

Growth in the East of England: Marked by substantial investments, the East of England has emerged as a key area for warehouse development, benefiting from proximity to London and access to major ports.

Expansion in the Northwest: The Northwest has experienced growth in warehouse construction, attributed to its strategic position for accessing both UK markets and international trade routes via its ports.

Rising Demand in the Southeast: Despite high land costs, the Southeast has seen continued interest in warehouse development, driven by its closeness to London and the broader South East’s consumer market.

Emergence of Yorkshire and the Humber: This region has become increasingly attractive for warehouse construction, thanks to its large consumer base, developing infrastructure, and available land.

Activity in the Southwest: The Southwest has shown a steady increase in warehouse construction, leveraging its maritime ports, and growing as a distribution hub for both domestic and international goods.

London’s Strategic Infill Sites: While space is at a premium, London continues to see development of urban micro-fulfilment centres and smaller warehouses, aimed at supporting the fast-growing demand for e-commerce and last-mile delivery services.

Investment in Scotland and Wales: Both Scotland and Wales are witnessing a rise in warehouse construction, focusing on serving regional markets and leveraging their unique geographic and economic positions.


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